“The Father Revealed will both inspire and challenge every reader. The personal transparency and scriptural depth of this book will drive you to a closer relationship and an understanding of God as father, which is missing in the lives of so many, and too often, missing in churches as well.”

— Tommy Barnett, Lead Pastor, Dream City Church

“The Father Revealed is a message that God has ordained to prepare for a great spiritual awakening about to impact the nations of the earth.”

— David Yonggi Cho, Sr. Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church

“The Father Revealed is both penetrating and powerful because it is written from a place of honesty and vulnerability. This book will inspire you to pursue a deeper relationship with God as Father, an intimacy that will reveal and fill you with His glory.”

— Robert Stearns, Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings Ministries

"Most Christians have concentrated on studying Jesus’ teachings or experiencing the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit. In The Father Revealed, Lauterbach takes us one step further into an intimate relationship with God the Father. It is only there that we will be able to fulfill our true destiny and find His ultimate blessings.”

— John Arnott, Sr. Pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship